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Kaitlin Roli

Reentry Coordinator / Executive Administrator

Kaitlin Rolli has had a passion for corrections, specifically reentry, since she started earning her B.S. degree in Criminal Justice from Michigan State University. During her time at MSU, Kaitlin participated in the Inside-Out course Prison Exchange Program at Carson City Correctional Institution, where both inside and outside students shared conversations about the prison systems and how society views those involved within the system. It was during this experience, gained inside the correctional institution, where she realized that after graduation, she waned to find a career that would allow her to continue working closely with those directly affected by our prison systems.


Kaitlin moved from Michigan to Ohio to pursue her dream of working with individuals who are incarcerated and began working with Damascus in her current role, where she supports reentry facilitators in their prison classes and is the first point of contact for most people as they discover Damascus. In 2021, she completed her M.A. in Education from the University of Cincinnati.


Outside of Damascus, Kaitlin loves Cincinnati and all its hidden treasures.


Contact Kaitlin Rolli here

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