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Damascus Reentry Community


Hope Changes Everything.

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Damascus Village is Coming Soon!


Currently in the planning stages and in partnership with the Stanford University 2022 Design School Action Lab, Damascus is planning the country’s first Reentry Tiny House Community as a housing option for Damascus Reentry Graduates.


Translation: People can leave prison in Ohio and land in a home and community that fosters their prosocial and productive goals. Damascus Village is an investment in people and families and will save taxpayers millions of dollars by reducing reincarceration.


Too often, incarcerated men and women have post-release housing choices that include negative influences, unsafe conditions, or are in violation of their release supervision. When people leave incarceration, their best planning can easily and quickly be derailed if they do not have a place to land that supports their goals for a new life.


Conversely, when incarcerated people make the decision to move their lives forward in a positive way, the social support of others who have chosen that as well propels those choices and opens the door to success post-incarceration. Damascus Village will provide that opportunity.


Currently, individuals in the Ohio prison system can take part in the Damascus Reentry Program while incarcerated. Those Graduates, once released, have the opportunity to stay connected to the entire Damascus outside team and become employed full-time at a Damascus employment partner. Learn more about about Damascus Workforce Solutions, and Damascus Correctional Programming.


The third leg of the Damascus Reentry stool is housing—long a challenge for those returning to society. Damascus Village is one important answer.


The first Damascus Village is planned for Southwest Ohio, with others to follow throughout the region. Damascus Village will provide the following for formerly incarcerated individuals:

  • A peer base of others who understand incarceration and the challenges of returning home;

  • A safe, accountable, and forward-thinking community that moves the needle on incarceration and reentry together;

  • A team of social support resources in the areas of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health;

  • Employment opportunities with Damascus partners;

  • Transportation to/from Damascus Village to various work sites;

  • Continuing education in trauma care and life planning;

  • Social enterprise opportunities.


Current plans for Damascus Village include:

  • Damascus Headquarters

  • Two-person tiny houses for 200 community members

  • Manufacturing facility

  • Correctional facility replica, to promote Criminal/Social Justice awareness

  • Community-facing social enterprise, including food/drink establishments, prison tattoo and art storefronts, coffeehouse events, and PUPPY ISLAND Rescue and Service Dogs

  • Opportunities for community engagement

BE PART OF THIS UNIQUE VENTURE. To learn more about becoming a Damascus Village Partner, complete this form.

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