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That No Question is Off Limits, REALLY.

Josh Arnold, Vice President
Talbert House, Ohio

Since partnering with Damascus, hundreds of our clients who may not have had permanent work opportunities due to their felony records have gained employment. It's a win for the client, for Talbert House, and for society. Any expansion of the Damascus Model is a benefit to the men and women returning to society from prison and the large community.

Dr. Cheryl Lero Jonson, Associate Professor, Criminal Justice, Xavier University

The most effective reentry models have shown that programs which begin while men are incarcerated, continue through the transition to the community, and continue to be present and provide support once released are the most effective. The Damascus Model does just this and goes one step further. It provides social support and a sense of community for the men, both within the prison walls and on the outside. Therefore, without any reservation, I strongly support the model proposed by Damascus.

Jack Cowley, Alpha USA Division of Prisons and Reentry

The Damascus Model incorporates evidence-based practices for successful reentry and is supplemented by professional experience that is essential in achieving stated outcomes, such as corrections, corporate, legal, faith-based, and education.

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