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That no Question is off Limits, REALLY.

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"In 2017, I had 117% turnaround in the plant. Working with Damascus, we reduced it to 56% in 2018 and were fully staffed in the plant heading into December 2018 for the first time EVER at year-end."

SHELLEY SCOTT-CASTELLINI / Human Resources Specialist
Damascus Employment Partner, Cincinnati OH

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"Our partnership with Damascus has been a huge success as they have quickly become our main hiring source for two large facilities in the Columbus area. Our Damascus employees have proven to be some of our hardest working, dedicated, and loyal employees in the building! Our Worthington Industries Philosophy encourages us to support worthwhile community causes but we also just believe in doing the right thing. That's exactly what our partnership with Damascus has helped us do. They are the resource that allows us to contribute to a meaningful cause, by giving men and women second chances to get their lives back on track and ultimately contribute positively to our community. Damascus sets a new standard for companies to not only hire motivated and capable employees but to give back to our community by encouraging and supporting each other with second chances."

LEAH BAILEY / Human Resources Manager
Worthington Industries, Columbus OH

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"Thank you for all the guys you have sent our way! They have been some of the best employees we have had to date"

Nissen Chemitec America, London OH

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