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Bruce Paulus

National Deputy Director, Division of Institutions

Bruce Paulus has devoted his life to advocating for the unchurched and marginalized communities. Ordained in ministry by the Christian Fellowship Church of Mound City, Missouri in 1987, Bruce has consistently worked towards encouraging local churches to adopt a missional focus within their communities.


His dedication to social justice led him to hold significant positions such as Vice-Chairman of Prison Fellowship's Justice Fellowship National Leadership Advisory Council and as a member of the Restorative Justice Council of the National Diocese Association of St. Louis. Bruce has also been recognized as a presenter at the National Community Sentencing Guidelines Association of Chicago, where he has shared his expertise on restorative justice and public policy matters.


In 2000, Bruce joined Prison Fellowship Ministries as the Program Manager of the Iowa "InnerChange Freedom Initiative" at Newton Correctional Facility. This groundbreaking prison pre and post-release program became an exemplar for re-entry programs throughout the nation. Later, as the Director of Prison Ministries for Child Evangelism Fellowship, he developed crucial resources and programs to support over 70,000 children of incarcerated parents each year, as they are among the most vulnerable populations worldwide.


For eight years, Bruce served as the National Deputy Director of Alpha USA Division of Prisons & Re-Entry. In this role, he played a key part in establishing both pre- and post-release programs in more than 600 prisons across the United States.


Bruce's impact extends beyond national borders. In 2005, he founded the New Beginnings Ministry Training Center in Webuye, Kenya. This center serves as a halfway house for released individuals and provides pastoral discipleship training to over 500 pastors and lay leaders annually. Through his work in Kenya, Bruce has helped establish 13 churches in the greater Webuye area and provides consultation globally on the development of local churches to meet the needs of the unchurched.


Bruce has dedicated his life to serving others and making a difference in the lives of those who are often overlooked or marginalized. His passion for social justice and his commitment to spreading the message of hope and transformation exemplify his profound impact in the field of criminal justice.


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