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Cimone Cummings

Client Representative: Cincinnati

Cimone found her niche for corrections during her first year at Youngstown State University in Ohio. As a first-generation college student, she knew that she must be part of the change when she learned about the injustices within the correctional system, reform, and re-integration. She switched her major from Pre-Veterinary and earned a B.S. degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Sociology.


During her junior year, Cimone began working with the Community Corrections Association (CCA), a re-entry facility located in Youngstown, where she cross-trained on different components of rehabilitation. She earned her CDCA (phase 1 and 2), Ohio Risk Assessment certification (ORAS), and received a promotion from Resident Supervisor to Vocational Specialist. While a Vocational Specialist, Cimone determined to use her skills, drive, and ability to contribute to a more significant cause. That drive—and desire to continue her development in the field—led her to the Damascus team.


Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Cimone is a Damascus Client Rep in Cincinnati. In this role, Cimone prepares, hires, and walks with men and women who have both felony/addictions backgrounds and a desire and capacity to navigate the workplace at Damascus employment partner locations successfully.


Outside of work, Cimone enjoys playing video games, meditating, and spending time with her loved ones, especially her Bombay cat, Kratos.


Contact Cimone Cummings here.

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