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Kelley Patmon

Prison Reentry Facilitator

Kelley Patmon brings over 20 years of experience in banking, investigations, public housing, and mental health to Damascus. Kelley’s passion for reentry education became very personal when her son was arrested in 2016 and incarcerated in 2018. Upon her son’s release in 2019, Kelley realized that so many gaps in his life were associated with his mental, physical, and emotional health.

The Damascus Reentry Class takes a hard look at the trauma, bias, and decisions in a person’s life and provides the tools and options to make positive future choices. Being part of the Damascus team as a Reentry Facilitator, Kelley pays it forward as she assists men and women looking at the choices made that led them to incarceration and helps construct a plan to move forward in life. As a graduate of the University of Cincinnati, Kelley holds a B.S. in Criminal Justice and facilitates reentry classes in prisons throughout Ohio.

Kelley was in foster care at a very young age before being adopted by her loving parents. Before marriage, she experienced the struggles of being a young single mother, juggling full-time work while completing a college education. Now a mother of three, she enjoys spending time with family, watching movies, and reading True Crime.

Contact Kelley Patmon here.

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