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Gregg Bergersen

Programs Coordinator - South Texas

Gregg began his career in public service in 1986 at the journeyman level assigned as the Navy's representative to the Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) senior inter-agency technology transfer committee.  His duties included a short rotation on the White House National Security staff where he vetted bilateral agreements signed by President Reagan and Soviet Premier Gorbachev, for which he was awarded the DCI’s Meritorious Unit Citation in 1991.  He held top secret clearance and was promoted to high levels of authority earning the Navy Meritorious Service Medal in 2004.  Gregg resigned from the U.S. Government in March 2008 after pleading guilty to espionage (delivering plans for future weapons sales to Taiwan to a U.S. citizen who, unbeknownst to Gregg, was a spy for Red China).


While serving his prison sentence, Gregg dedicated his life to The Lord and upon his release he relocated to Houston where he was a college professor and a member of a corporate accounting staff.  After taking the Alpha Course he volunteered to provide the course in area prisons.  Due to his dedication to his commitment and his proven ability to build and manage infrastructures he was hired by Alpha USA as the Executive Director for Alpha Houston and later transitioned to Alpha Houston Prison Director.


As Programs Coordinator for South Texas, Gregg provides program support for prison Chaplains including recruiting and training of volunteers.  He is excited about how God is using his past experiences and talents to provide meaningful services to those who are incarcerated and the volunteers who support them.

Contact Gregg Bergersen here.

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